Youth And Defeat

by I Was A Hero

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We've put a year of hard work into this record. We used minimal "studio magic" (no autotune, minimal drum effecting etc.) because this is our first official release. We want you to hear exactly how we are going to sound in a live setting. We owe it to you for putting so much faith in this band without us ever having a proper record out.

Whether you like the release or not, thank you for taking the time to click play. It honestly means everything.


released May 8, 2012

Carl Blackwood - Black Dog Recording Studio
Dickie Ogden - Additional drum editing



all rights reserved


I Was A Hero Albany, New York

Punk rock that gives a fuck.

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Track Name: Leaving Scars
I've been told I use the term ironic too much. Well, it's hard not to when it tends to surround us. It's been leaving scars.
Track Name: On The Up And Up
Sometime two years ago i fucking lost control but since I'm older now it's time to let it go

Just getting out of bed it's one o'clock not ten am like I wanted it to be. I checked my phone and missed your call and now I spend today alone because you left without me.

Guess I never fail to disappoint when you're counting on me to let you down and I'll prove time and time again, give me the chance and I'll let us both drown

I know there's something better and I want it. I might be a loser but I'm done letting you down

You think I let it beat me but I don't go down that easily. Won't just let this go. Cant think of a better way to test out my resolve so I'll claw up from the bottom
Track Name: Bus Rides Cost Too Much
We wrote the story of our lives on this bus into town
Novembers been coming winter wears us down
I wipe the fog off the mirrors even though it comes back
I've got no idea where I started to think like that
Writing songs while jimmy's band is on tour
Doing homework while par 6's records in stores
We gave it all for nothing, they gave nothing for all
And all I ask is that we just sing a long

Maybe I seem down I swear I'm looking up but in the meantime you should do the same
We won't give up on ourselves I swear we'll make it out just fine, keep your head up and we'll make this year alright

We spent nights outside Cumberland just wasting away
And I swear I wouldn't have it any-other way
Taco bell in Clifton's where we figured it out
There's nothing else I would have been thinking about anyway
There's nothing left to say.
We built this it's been one year long and now we'll never go down

Make this year alright
Track Name: Cheap Tea
Another night spent in this bed but I'll be alright. Another ride home tonight.

Halloween night spent yelling out the windows, life had never felt so good. I'm moving on sitting on a couch till midnight getting over how you ruined the way I look at relationships and how I've got to dig myself out of this grave I won't be here anymore.

None of us even care anymore.

Wasting my time we were just wasting gas on this ride going nowhere at all. And we were both well aware that the way we were treating each other wasn't fair and now I'm lucky if I can smile at all.

Is it coincidence that a week ago this bed served another purpose? I've been drowning myself in this cheap tea because we used to go out and get coffee. I just want to wash those memories out of me.

It's like we're under compensating for something. The best thing I can do right now is to force a smile and try to move on.
Track Name: I Guess It's Me
I know that we can't believe in anything. No future, it's something we against our better judgment let ourselves slip into with ease

And I'll blame myself for this one, chalk it up to bad decisions but I know that I'll live to see one more day. I'll live to see myself be happy, I just can't be alone tonight.

It's like we're cheating the system

I guess it's me, wishing more upon myself than I can receive. My selfish tendencies leave me assuming that you want the same fucking thing.
Track Name: 2011
It's been six months since I've started this notebook, it started out with losing a friend but things got better in the end, because life has a way of working itself out for the better. I just wanted to end this off on the right foot, never letting irony get the best of us.

I've lost so many pages since I've started off as though someone's trying to get me to forget this ever happened, but I wont forget.

These scars made me who I am.
Track Name: Youth And Defeat
While driving I tend to notice the skids on the shoulder and wonder what happened
And I wonder how long it's been since everyone but me saw that my luck is failing
I don't know what to do with myself because this week it hasn't stopped raining
I wish I could be a kid and have no sense of direction, then Glenville wouldn't be as fucked as it is

I want to call this place home but after 3 hours in the rain you start to loose hope in what you say
But I'll try to find the good in this place

I find it funny how the local liquor store is called "Regulars" because it explains half the men in the Bayou
I sleep better than I did a year ago, even though I still wake up without you
At the rate my motivation's taking me, I can't help but get stuck at pine ridge
We have the one dude who stands on lakehill and 50 who has a sign that says "stop war" and I guess

I can't say that I blame him.

I've been fighting my thoughts about leaving for almost 4 months now.
And I lost all passion so I don't even know how
To explain my how I've changed but I've come to learn

Youth and defeat don't go hand and hand

One step forward but six steps back, we're not headed anywhere yet but at least it's progress.