Youth And Defeat

from by I Was A Hero



For East Glenville, Dino's Pizzeria, BHBL highschool, Pine Ridge trailer park, The Bayou Cafe, Regulars Liquor Cabinet, and the guy who stands in front of the ice cream place who holds up the "STOP WAR" signs. I think he works as a chimney cleaner.


While driving I tend to notice the skids on the shoulder and wonder what happened
And I wonder how long it's been since everyone but me saw that my luck is failing
I don't know what to do with myself because this week it hasn't stopped raining
I wish I could be a kid and have no sense of direction, then Glenville wouldn't be as fucked as it is

I want to call this place home but after 3 hours in the rain you start to loose hope in what you say
But I'll try to find the good in this place

I find it funny how the local liquor store is called "Regulars" because it explains half the men in the Bayou
I sleep better than I did a year ago, even though I still wake up without you
At the rate my motivation's taking me, I can't help but get stuck at pine ridge
We have the one dude who stands on lakehill and 50 who has a sign that says "stop war" and I guess

I can't say that I blame him.

I've been fighting my thoughts about leaving for almost 4 months now.
And I lost all passion so I don't even know how
To explain my how I've changed but I've come to learn

Youth and defeat don't go hand and hand

One step forward but six steps back, we're not headed anywhere yet but at least it's progress.


from Youth And Defeat, released May 8, 2012



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